Existentialist Characters in Munir Ahmad Badini’s Writings


  • Asghar Ali M.Phil scholar of English literature,Univeristy Of Karachi, Sindh


skilled, poetical, philosophy, personality


Munir Ahmad Badini is one of the leading novelists and short story writer in the Balochi Literature for all time. No doubt, he is a well-skilled mastery over the act of characterization.

This paper focuses and dissects some of his Novel’s characters that how far they are existentialist in nature. Furthermore, it highlights how characters of Munir Badini’s novels in a constant war of self-realization, vice and virtue, bad faith and anguish. Consequently, it is clear that his characters are completely germane to, or speak and act in the line of existentialist philosophy expounded by J.P. Sartre.


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بادینی،منیر(2013) عنکبوت۔ بلوچستان اکیڈمی تُربت

بادینی، مُنیر(2010)۔ پیل گوشانی مِرانیں نسل۔ نیو کالج پبلی کیشنز، کوئٹہ

داد، اے۔آر(2008)۔ گپ روان کنت۔ بلوچی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ۔

شاد، شرف(2013)۔ مُنیر احمد بادینی ءِ اِزم ءُ کارست۔ درانگاز۔ تاک۔۲، باقی بلوچ لائبریری ، بل نگور، مکران۔

Existentialist Characters in Munir Ahmad Badini’s Writings




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