Submission and Process


There is no submission fee for publication in Hankén.

University does not avail funding from any external organization for publishing the journal. All the Journal publication expenditures of Hanken are met from the University of Balochistan budget.




Hanken is an open access to all published research papers available on the Journal’s webpage while the hard copy of the Journal may be subscribed by paying its price.



Authors are welcome to submit their papers / articles mainly related to Balochi literature.

Hanken, accepts submission, through OJS link: 




The Journal Hanken's all (Submitting and reviewing) process goes through OJS (online) system. Submitted papers are firstly reviewed by the editor. Later, the selected papers are sent to reviewers for the review.  In duration of reviewing, if reviewer find any flaw in research paper. The reviver mark it to editor while editor send the marked paper to the author. Whereas the author send it back to the editor after proper correction. The editor revisit the corrected paper then it goes to publishing. This process takes one (01) to three (03) months.


The reviewed papers are then sent to the authors to revise and resubmit the papers accordingly. After revision, the papers are again reviewed by editor and then sent for publication.