• Hamid Ali Baloch Assistant Professor, Department of Balochi, UoB, Quetta
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir Vice Chancellor, University of Turbat, Makran


Balochi, language contact, OP, NP, Avesta and Pahlavi


Balochi has been contact with the Iranian as well as the Indo Aryan Languages from thousands years. In this paper the lexical, morphological, phonological and syntactical changes in Balochi with the contact languages will be synthesized that how Balochi has borrowed or adopted or assimilated the lexemes of the neighboring languages and how the Balochi language played a role as a donor language.



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Hamid Ali Baloch & Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sabir

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Bal. Balochi

Skt. Sanskrit Olr. Old Iranian NP. New Persian

NP-Ar. New Persian-Arabic OL.

OP. Old Persian

EHD. Eastern Hill Dialect (Balochi) USSR. Union of Soviet Socialist Republic Sin. Sindhi

SLAs. Sindhi Language Activists DGK. Dera Ghazi Khan





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