• Zahid Hussain Dashti Department of Balochi, University of Balochistan, Quetta
  • Durdana


Sibi, Capital city, Baloch, Mir Chakar, Arghoon, Kandahar, Jam Nanda, Kachhi


The city of Sibi was very important in history of Balochistan, it
was commercial and cultured city of the Baloch, this city continued
as the supreme eminent capital of Mir Chakar Rind, who has kept
up his grand courtyard along with barbarous and the deluxe
tradition manifestation of feudal excitement. Rind capital appeared
as the main city of Balochistan similarly the center of cultures and
tradition. Ancient tradition speaks that Sibi has honorable status.
Few historians, deliberately ignored this important rule of the
Baloch in Sibi, he has been ignored in his book.
This article is focusing on the Baloch role in Sibi; it is an
important part of Baloch history. This article is an effort to prove
Baloch rule, in 15th century in Sibi, and also that they were
independent ruler of Balochistan, but few historians have rejected
these views and references about a Baloch rule in Sibi. This article
reviews the research of the Baloch government on Sibi. Through the
article, efforts have been made to clear up any misunderstandings;
Sibi was ruled by a central Baloch government.
According to historians and writers support, references and
discussions, I tried to narrate it in detail. This article is the backbone
of the Baloch rule in Sibi. The aim of this research article is to clear
the confusion about Mir Chakar Rind rule in Sib through research


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